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Creating Lead From Contact and Mapping them Togther

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  • Creating Lead From Contact and Mapping them Togther

    I was able to create a workflow that once a new contact was created with a specific property it would create a new lead with that contact information, however, i dont see a way to "link" these together - meaning: i would like the new lead to have a field "contact" that would lead to that original contact.
    When the lead is created - its possible to click on convert to contact, but then it would create a new contact with the same information (some of it at-least) and this is undesirable.
    I thought about creating a one-to-one link as a field, but there is no such option :/

    The logic im trying to create here is that all contacts are created and if they have a certain property, say type of contact contains "visitor" or "donor" it would make a lead from this contact - the reason is that all of the input data are inputted as contacts - with some can be considered leads - but their full information can still be traced back to their contact information... (since the main functionality of the CRM is to actually be a CRM and not a sale-flow system)

    Can someone suggest a good way to create this logic ?
    Thank you

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    take a look at the screenshot how you can link a lead with the contact.
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