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Joining array to list and display as field

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  • Joining array to list and display as field

    Trying to figure out the following situation :
    I have contacts with a field called related to (for relatives) - since this is a many-to-many connection it automatically creates a ContactLeft and ContactRight (as then someone marks you as his relative (ContactRight) it automatically adds the relation to you as well (ContactLeft)) --> This works but i would like to display on the contact information one list of all relatives, and not 2 lists side by side (i would also like to make sure that there are only unique values)

    Im using this formula to get back the array : relativesArray = list(relatedToNames,relatedToIds) - which in turn display in the field [object Object], [object Object] (which make seanse because im getting an array of objects and not
    My question is how to go about this to actually create this combined list of these contact list ?
    Thank you in advance for the help

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    Try to use a relation subpanel instead.