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login as admin shows no content independent of the device or browser type.

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  • login as admin shows no content independent of the device or browser type.

    Hi everybody,

    with a new 5.7.6 installation I could login as admin and customize my installation for one day. Now after login the screen keeps empty except of the EspoCRM background color and the copyright at the bottom. This takes place not only at the start screen but on every URL that is normally accessible. "php clear_cache.php" has no effect.

    Regular user can login and every content is displayed. When I changed in the database table "user" for the user admin the "type" to "regular", all content is shown. If the "type" is set to "admin", no content is displayed. This happens on all user. So the question arises where the user attribute "type" impacts the displayed content.

    The log level is WARNING, but in the logs there is nothing to indicate an error or warning.

    Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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    could you open F12 dev tools on the blank page, then press F5 to reload a web page and check for the errors in the console end network tabs? Please, provide the screenshots with the errors.


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      Hi Maximus,
      I cannot upload the screenshot: "The attachment storage directory does not exist or is not writable." I post it as text:

      In the console tab there were 1 error and 2 warnings listed:the network tab (for the start page):
      Status Methode Host Datei Ursprung html Übertragen Größe
      200 GET /Espo-Installation/ document html 2,52 KB 2,20 KB 248 ms
      304 GET espo.min.js?r=1572862151 script js Aus Cache 703,65 KB 109 ms
      304 GET hazyblue-vertical.css?r=1572862151 stylesheet css Aus Cache 304,78 KB 103 ms
      200 GET purify.min.js?_=1572862785805 xhr js 15,45 KB 15,10 KB 69 ms
      200 GET view-helper.js?_=1572862785806 xhr js 16,28 KB 15,93 KB 72 ms
      200 GET web-socket-manager.js?_=1572862785807 xhr js 5,39 KB 5,04 KB 68 ms
      200 GET number.js?_=1572862785808 xhr js 5,04 KB 4,66 KB 113 ms
      304 GET app.js?r=1572862151 xhr js Aus Cache 25,09 KB 38 ms
      200 GET Settings xhr json 6,43 KB 5,95 KB 1320 ms
      200 GET favicon196x196.png img png Aus Cache 6,11 KB
      200 GET favicon.ico img x-icon Aus Cache 1,37 KB
      200 GET pre-load.json xhr json Aus Cache 272 B
      200 GET user xhr json 20,35 KB 19,87 KB 219 ms
      200 GET /Espo-Installation/api/v1/ xhr json 510 B 18 B
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        additional information:

        When I changed the type of the user "admin" directly in the database from "admin" to "regular" the content is shown (after doing clear_cache.php) and I get 3 Warnings:

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          what about fixing? Is it suitable to save the data/config.php, extract the complete EspoCRM-zip (same version) and afterwards restore the config.php (containing all database credentials and other needed stuff...) ? Or is it needed to save and restore more files?


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            You can try to make new EspoCRM installation, connect it to the same DB. From the old config.php file copy these three parameters:
            'passwordSalt' => '97e3685363618ae1f',
            'cryptKey' => 'b9693ed24b8ebvdb43c98d82cd4930b841',
            'hashSecretKey' => '499231e99fdb5495eab2e4ea9dd4931'
            and paste them to the new config.php file.
            Also, you said that you have customization, so you need to copy custom/Espo/Custom directory to a new instance. Make rebuild.
            Note: keep the old instance as backup.


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              Hi Maximus,

              the new installation in the way you have described, fixes the issue and no data or customization is lost. Thanks very much...


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                and again :-(

                I was logged in as admin and working on https:[...]/#Admin/userInterface when suddenly the same issue appears. Blank screen and no more access on content. The fix solves the issue only for one working hour...

                the F12 console tab of the browser shows 2 errors and 1 warning:

                An invalid or illegal string was specified espo.min.js:102:25
                connect espo.min.js:102
                onAuth espo.min.js:238
                onceMap/map[name]< Backbone
                before Underscore
                Backbone 4
                load metadata.js:55
                onAuth espo.min.js:224
                start espo.min.js:216
                onreadystatechange espo.min.js:613

                unreachable code after return statement

                TypeError: tabList.unshift is not a function

                For the start page the F12 console shows the same errors and warning as described in post #4


                it has to do with the config.php. When the fix was done I saved the config.php. When the issue appears again I restored the saved config.php and the issue disappears...
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                  Dear friends,

                  We have the same problem: regular users can operate normally but, sudenly me, as the admin, I only receive an empty screen after login (the backgroud color is gray, so that I can suppose that I am in the Espo but with no menu or the dashboard)

                  I tried:
                  1) new installation in another directory keeping the same login name user and the password. Ater thar, I copied passwordSalt from the new instance to the old instance, replacing in the data/config.php
                  Result: nothing new, the same problem remains;

                  2) I made changes directly in the database table user, changing my user to a regular user, so that I could escape from this situation
                  Result: nothing, the problem remaisns

                  all regulars users can operate normally after login but, the admin user no because after login the screen remains gray without info.

                  Please, can anyone help me?

                  Thank you in advance!

                  Marcos Depresbiteris - Brasil


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                    Please, check the error log file in the data/logs directory. Also, to get more information you can open the data/config.php file, find 'level' => 'WARNING', and change it to 'level' => 'DEBUG'. After, reproduce the issue and investigate the error log file.


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                      with the Level 'Warning' there are no entries in the log files regarding this issue. I will change the level to 'Debug' and let's see what will be documented. Reproducing is a bit difficult because it is not clear at what point the issue appears. At the moment when doing customization I save the config.php after every successful step. When the issue appears again I can make a "diff config.php config.php_backup" to see what was changed a maybe causes the issue. This information and the relevant entry in the log with level 'Debug' I will post when the issues happens again.


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                        > At the moment when doing customization I save the config.php after every successful step.
                        Do you want to say that this issue appeared after you have changed something in the config.php file?


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                          No. It appears when I do some customization (in the "normal" way, not by editing the config.php). But last time the issue was fixed by restoring the config.php. Therefore I have the speculation, that when working as admin a change in the config.php causes the issue.

                          Unfortunately I didn't save the damaged config.php to identify the change. So I have to wait for the next time the issue occurs.
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                            Hello, has any one resolved this issue?

                            I just installed Espo CRM version 5.7.11 for the first time and quickly encountered this same behavior (no content, grayish background, and copyright at the bottom) after logging in as an admin user. I am unsure of what action of took that caused the issue. I had one admin user and one normal user. I was making a number of configuration teaks via the application as the admin user. Then switching to the regular user to see the results and adding some data. Then log back in as admin and repeated that process trying to familiarized myself with the application.

                            I encountered the same behavior with both FireFox (71.0) and Chrome (79.0.3945.88).
                            The browser's console window also contained a JavaScript error:
                            [INDENT]Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: tabList.unshift is not a function
                            at child.getTabList (eval at _execute (loader.js:94), <anonymous>:186:25)
                            at child.setup (eval at _execute (loader.js:94), <anonymous>:204:32)
                            at child.initialize (bull.js:276)
                            at child.Backbone.View (backbone-min.js:1224)
                            at child [as constructor] (backbone-min.js:1884)
                            at child [as constructor] (backbone-min.js:1884)
                            at new child (backbone-min.js:1884)
                            at Bull.Factory.<anonymous> (bull.js:114)
                            at Bull.Factory.<anonymous> (bull.js:98)
                            at Espo.Loader.load (loader.js:292)[/INDENT]
                            I installed on Windows 10 Enterprise, IIS 10, PHP 7.3.3, MySQL 5.6.25. I installed a second copy of Espo CRM and compared the config.php files. It looks like the formatting of the values for the settings is wrong.

                            Based on the JavaScript error and the difference in the settings. I believe that the JavaScript code is expecting tabList to be an array object so that the unshift() function can be called on it. The good setting appears to be a PHP array and the bad setting is just a string with a comma separated list of values. My guess is that some part of the application is updating the config.php file in the wrong way.

                            Replacing the bad settings with the good ones, corrects the issue and allows an admin user to login.

                            Bad Settings:
                            PHP Code:
                             'tabList' => 'Account,Contact,Lead,Opportunity,Case,Email,Calendar,Meeting,Call,Task,_delimiter_,Document,Campaign,KnowledgeBaseArticle,Stream,User',
                            'quickCreateList' => 'Account,Contact,Lead,Opportunity,Meeting,Call,Task,Case,Email'

                            Good Settings:
                            PHP Code:
                             'tabList' => [  => 'Account',
                            => 'Contact',
                            => 'Lead',
                            => 'Opportunity',
                            => 'Case',
                            => 'Email',
                            => 'Calendar',
                            => 'Meeting',
                            => 'Call',
                            => 'Task',
                            10 => '_delimiter_',
                            11 => 'Document',
                            12 => 'Campaign',
                            13 => 'KnowledgeBaseArticle',
                            14 => 'Stream',
                            15 => 'User'  ],
                            'quickCreateList' => [  => 'Account',
                            => 'Contact',
                            => 'Lead',
                            => 'Opportunity',
                            => 'Meeting',
                            => 'Call',
                            => 'Task',
                            => 'Case',
                            => 'Email'  ],