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custom entiity in side panel

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  • custom entiity in side panel

    Hi Folks, need a bit of help, I'd like to add a custom entiity that I have created in the sidepanels (below the Scheudle Call option) but for the life of me have no idea what to do. Is there a dummies guide anywhere (and I mean dummies guide) thatnks in advance.

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    you can create a custom entity of the Event type, and add it to the Activities and History panels in Administration -> Settings -> Activities Entity List and History Entity List.


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      Perfect as always you sir are a star..... Where can I remove the compose email option under activities and the archive email option under history in the default panel. Or is there away of creating anew entity that will then show the history of emails for an account. I love Espo but just want to tidy it up to what I want - have to say some of the logic isn't working for me but I'm slowly getting to grips with it.