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  • Formula help please

    Hi and thanks in advance.

    I've created an Entity that records some notes that is linked via relationships so they show both in contact and account. I'd like to populate some information to this area from Calls - some of which is duplicated. Eg I'd like the area called "Description" in calls to populate a notes section in the custom entity - but still have the ability to override without loosing the original "Call notes".

    I believe this is done via formula - but am really struggling to get to grips with what to input.

    Basicall from the Calls section I want to take some information from that (like the description, dates and status) and populate it into another record that has the same fields along with other information. Once it is populated though I dont want the original "Calls Section" to change.

    I hope this makes sense and someone can help me asap as I am keen to move away from an excel spreadsheet.