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Email Attachments Slow To Upload

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  • Email Attachments Slow To Upload

    When uploading attachments to emails, i'm finding that the upload process is very slow - more often than not, reasonably large attachments (4,5,6 MB) do not upload (even after waiting 25 minutes).

    Small uploads, like 2MB, take about 50 seconds to upload.

    Are there any potential causes for this? Other typical file transfers on the host machine are fine and and fast as expected.

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    I have tested it and it works pretty fast. This issue could be linked to your internet speed or web server configs.


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      I have also tested this on a local installation of EspoCRM and the upload seems to be fast.

      However, on our main EspoCRM server, it is very definitely slow. Are you aware of anything which would slow down an attachment upload?

      I've just done a Google Chrome performance profile on the transfer and for a 994kB file, the transfer took 1.5 minutes to complete.

      Are there any overheads such as number of attachments already present within the EspoCRM system? Could this slow things down?