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What to copy from backup to restore entity?

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  • What to copy from backup to restore entity?


    i have an custom entity that have relations to account but i cant see them under "Administration » Entity Manager » Besuchsbericht » Relationships".
    The entity is still fully working, rebuild and clear cache, didnt slove that relationships are not listed.

    I guess i have destroyed them by copy all entity files under /espocrm/htdocs/custom/Espo/Custom to duplicate the entity.
    I renamed the files and classes but i got still error 404 so i decide to delete the duplicated entity, to create it by hand.
    I did the delete with the admin panel and i guess if something was not renamed it deleted the relationships from the original entity.

    I copied all files for this entity from a backup to /espocrm/htdocs/custom/Espo/Custom but relationships still missing.

    How can i repair the missing relationships?

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    relationShip is on the file : ressources/metadata/YourEntity/YourEntity.json
    you can look for other entity..
    but .. don't worry.. look in this file for "links" and "fields" and search your "relationShip". if "nameRelationship" exist, then in entityManager you have "error duplicate relationship"
    you can delete the "entry" in this file and then recreate it in entityManager
    if not find, just create new relationShip in Entity Manager.



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      Thanks for the info, it sloves the problem.
      Yes, i got the duplicate relationship error it i tried to recreate.