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Add next (or last) task to lead / oppurtunity - list view

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  • Add next (or last) task to lead / oppurtunity - list view

    Looking at the list of leads it is easy to see the status. But would it be possible to view when te next task associated is to that lead? Then we can print or view a list with all leads with whats next to do or last has been done when discussing them in a meeting.

    Before the CRM we used a list (excel) with the name lead, whats it is about, and when the next action will happen (and by who). Going through this list it is easy to see what needs to be done. Now we would like to get such an overview from the CRM.

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    Is my question clear?
    we now have: (and what I think it should be)
    company name XX=account - name/project YY =lead/oppurtunity - last remarks (= feed?) - next action date (= task date) - action by whom =user task


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      If you are using the parent field to link a task to a lead then you can go to the Administration -> Layout Manager and add the parent field into a list view of the Task entity, and check whether the parent field is added to the Search Filters. Then go to the Task entity list view and filtrate the records as it shown on the screenshot. After you can select the results and export into the XLSX file.
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