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How do i get the sum of values in a column. ?

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  • How do i get the sum of values in a column. ?

    I have an entity called "Result" and there is a field "score" in the entity . i want to get the sum of all entries comes in "score" column. and i want to store the total to "grandTotal" field.
    This is the formula i have applied. but it doesn't work.
    grandTotal = entity\sumRelated('Result', 'score');
    Please help me to resolve this issue.
    NB: Entity - Result(Label - Result), Field -score(label -Score), Field - grandTotal(label - Grand Total)

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    You need to have relationship between your entity and Result entity. Check the relationship name in Administration > Entity Manager > Relationships. The name should start with a lower case letter. Then use that name in your formula as the first argument.

    entity\sumRelated('results', 'score');

    Where results is a relation name.


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      i have corrected this. grandTotal = entity\sumRelated('results', 'score'); but the result doesnt reflect in grandTotal field which is from same entity Result.


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        sumRelated intended to sum related records. If you want to sum for the same entity, the formula won't help. You need to create a hook and write some code.


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          From what I understand, your fields are within your own entity?
          If so, then your formula is wrong, I apply a formula for a collection entity:


          or in case you apply multiplication:


          And if not then I did not understand your problem.

          Good luck with that problem!


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            for one cent if I have understand :
            you need a formula who return "select SUM(score) from result where deleted=0" ?