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Duplicate check upon import

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  • Duplicate check upon import

    We realised that the duplicate check of the import function is only checking duplicates of the CSV file, but not if the contact already exists in Espo.
    This is a major issue for us, because we collect user info at some events and then import it. In the imported file there are no duplicates, but the contact may already exist in Espo.
    Can this be added somehow? I saw that for Lead Capture there was some discussion, and Email/Phone was used to identify a duplicate.

    How can we achieve that it checks for duplicate upon import (or even when adding a single contact), based on Name and Email?

    Best regards,

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    This is also very important for us indeed. Another point: If I import leads and some of them are already Contacts (Existing customers), I would not want to import them as leads again...


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      I agree that the import function lacks some pretty important features...
      for example if a Company doesn't exist yet, it should create it upon import of a Contact - instead if just leaves it empty.
      Hopefully improving this is on the roadmap...