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  • NotStorable Entity Field Record Count

    I would like to know how I could add a Field to an Entity who's value is a count of the number of child records.

    For example, in Tickets I may create a field called TaskCount - the value I do not want to be stored in the database but I would like the value to be the COUNT of the number of related Task entities.

    Is there an existing example of this in EspoCRM which I could use to help me?

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    The only proper way is to create a workflow.
    the value I do not want to be stored in the database
    This value will be stored in the DB cause it is handled by the TaskCount field.


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      Hmm, this doesn't seem to be true or maybe I have not explained the question correctly.

      The following code is exactly the solution I need, adding it to the relevant `entityDefs/entity.json`

      "taskCount" {
      "type": "float",
      "min": 0,
      "max": 100,
      "readOnly": true,
      "notStorable": true,
      "select": "(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM X WHERE ="

      Obviously, I've replaced the real table names with X and Y but this works just fine.


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        Well u need to change the code..Code itself is not up to mark....So modify it to a bit and it should solve your problem myschoolbucks
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          Hi blueprint, I recently worked through this myself. While your code works, the example below should also work and looks more like the examples using complex expressions:

          "taskCount": {
               "type": "int",
               "notStorable": true,
               "readOnly": true,
               "select": {
                    "select": "COUNT:(",
                    "leftJoins": [
                                   "task.ticketId:": "id",
                                   "task.deleted": "0",
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