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Workflow : retrieve contact from emails' from user

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  • Workflow : retrieve contact from emails' from user

    Hi everyone!

    It's been two weeks I'm working on a workflow to create a case on email and I would like the case to have the contact from the email sender address if it exists.

    Target entity => Email
    Trigger => After save (but I tried after create)
    Condition => isBeingImported && entity\isNew()
    Action => Create entity case

    I tried with fields Contact and Contacts to have and I tried with formula with contactId=targetEntity\attribute('sentBy.contactId '),
    contactsIds=list(targetEntity\attribute(' ntactId')),
    entity\addLinkMultipleId(contacts, targetEntity\attribute('sentBy.contactId'))
    I tried with attributeFetched and also with variables but it seems that the sentBy field from the email is empty.

    I would be very gratefull if somebody could help me!


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    You don't need to create a workflow for this. You have to create a Group Email Account and create an action "Create Case". Read this


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      Thank you very much for the response!

      I'm sorry I hadn't been explicit, I am currently using your solution but it doesn't work for many things like when the email has an opportunity as a parent it also create a case (and I don't want that) and I want to have many group email account with this fonctionnality but when I activate the "create case" on all of them it doesn't work as planned, that's why I'm switching on the workflow solution.

      I have 4 group email account, when I receive an email on the first one with another one in CC it will create a case for the first in the alphabetical order even if it's the one in CC.

      I'm not sure if it's really clear and i'm sorry for my english.


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        Someone to help me please?


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          the email has an opportunity as a parent it also creates a case (and I don't want that)
          If you want to use some email box for creating the cases, don't use this email box for other purposes. This should be only the email box for the case creating.


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            Thank you again for your reactivity! I will try and dedicate an email box for this!

            But if someone knows a solution to get contact entity from email to create a case with it I'm willing to take it