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  • Overriding Site Templates

    Is it possible to override the "site" templates?

    I have so far tried the following without success:

    1. Copied the master.js, navbar.js, header.js and footer.js from the client/src/views/site directory to the client/custom/src/views/site directory, adding the prefix "custom:" to the defintion in the js file.
    2. Copied the master.tpl, navbar.tpl, header.tpl and footer.tpl from the client/res/templates/site directory to the client/custom/res/templates/site directory and made some subtle changes
    3. I've altered the "views" array inside the master.js file to include the "custom:" prefix for the new views

    Unfortunately the above steps make no difference.

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    Hi blueprint, were you able to figure this out ?, and if so could you share ? Thanks


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      telecastg Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure it out. The only way I got this to work using `custom` templates was to modify the `app.js` file but other things further down the line didn't work as expected.

      In the end, I bit the bullet and made wholesale changes to the core template files. I'm using a custom admin theme as well as a plethora of different javascript libs for custom field types (star ratings, input masks, sliders, range sliders, etc, etc) so it made more sense to just overwrite what we needed as a business.

      It's not upgrade-proof but I'm being careful to merge only back-end PHP and front-end JS changes.


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        telecastg commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks, I think that it would be a lot better if the Espo developers, instead of hard coding settings like 'controllers/base' in app.js, would use the same metadata scheme that they use to specify many other values to allow custom definitions thus making possible to truly customize the look and feel of Espo.

        The underlying framework is absolutely amazing but many customers prefer to have their "custom" look and a ui that looks amazing today easily becomes dated.

        If Espo developers would facilitate this, they would allow ESPO crm developers and consultants to offer better customization to clients and those clients would be buyers of paid Espo extensions for their installations, thus ultimately increasing the revenues going back to fund the Espo developers awesome work.

        Just a thought.....
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