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Espo vs. Docker

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  • Espo vs. Docker

    Dear Support Team,

    We have problems deploying Espo in a Docker container that we run in a web app on Microsoft Azure.

    The main issue we face is that Espo uses json files to store custom fields, layouts among other things, rather than storing these custom settings to the database (why, we wonder). What this means is that whenever the container restarts, the files are reset and hence, the settings gone.

    What do you recommend to overcome these issues?

    Your help and hints are highly appreciated.

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    > storing these custom settings to the database (why, we wonder)

    Because it's very convenient. Otherwise i would hate EspoCRM.

    I'm not an expert in Docker but I'm surely know that's not an issue at all and there's a solution for this. There have been discussions here and on github.
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      Hi Yuri, thanks for the quick reply. Can you explain why you would hate it if moving data was stored in a database rather than a file?


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        > Can you explain why you would

        Sorry. I have no time. Because it would be inconvenient it's the main reason and it's not reasonable.

        p.s. There's no reason to discuss this because there's no chance we change it.


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          We were able to fix this by moving all Espo files to a persistent storage in Azure. Anyone else struggling with this setup, please check this post: or pm me.


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            i'm running Espo in Docker and orchestrated through Kubernetes, it's just perfect + CI/CD pipeline to handle my custom folder.
            That's pretty smooth and no issue there