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  • Custom JS or formula

    hello good, I would like to ask a question, is it possible that through a formula (in the documentation of formulas I have not found it) that sends an alert type javascript alert or a message of EspoCrm according to a condition? or that of error and does not complete the field ??, I am a little aware in CustomViews .. and in the formulas of the entities.

    For example I want,

    to make a validation for example of a field that introduces a bank account, in (Contacts) to check the value, if it has 24 digits, if it gives to save and does not have 24 digits that send an alert or message, or through a javascript function ... is it possible ??

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    I think it would be possible with this, in a formula to introduce a function that reads the value of field, and by javascript code or something can do what you want with that ??