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how to update an entity after creating a formula

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  • how to update an entity after creating a formula

    we just bought espoCRM, and i am an admin user in charge of creating the reports we need for our business. in product entity i created a new field (= result of a formula) that concatenates name+ ref. everything works fine : if i modify something in a product, i can see the result in my new field. but i would like to see this result in all the products of may catalogue that have thousands of products ! do i have a mean, after creating a "formula field", to update its entity (in this case entity "product") in order to seeing immediately the application of the formula in all the catalogue?
    thank you for your answer.

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    Administration/Entity Manager/ Product click arrow on the right and click formula..

    exapmle formula;

    entity\isNew() && teams == null,
    teams = 'EspoCRM'

    good luck..


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      5.6.0 will have such an ability from UI.


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        Thank you guys for your answers.

        actually, i found an efficient way to update my entity and then see my calculated new formula field here is my method in case it may be helpful for someone else :

        - i created a scheduled workflow with target entity "product" (as the formula field i want to calculate belong to this entity) without any restricton rule (i want to see this caculated field on every product)
        - i set up the action "update entity" product with the param "add a new field" > "modifiedat" > today/now
        - i activated the worflow and it worked perfectly : at the same time the field "modifiedat" was updated, my recently created formula field was calculated in all my product database !
        - i desactivated my workflow (i will run when i need it again)