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automatic subscribe does not work

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  • automatic subscribe does not work

    I did a standard installation, version 5.5.6.
    Auto Subscribe does not work. Although I have set this in the user settings. What do I have to set where, so that I can, for example, Get info from a company I did not create?

    Here's a screenshot.

    Thanks and regards

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    please read this


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      Cron must be not ebabled?


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        Thanks, I read everything. And set it up as described:

        Global Auto-Follow

        What if you’d like to see the information only about all the new Leads no matter by whom they were created. In such a case Global Auto-Follow will be exactly the thing you need, you only have to choose the entity type from the list, save the changes and you will both receive notifications about all records belonging to the specific entity and track all the changes related to them in the Stream.

        Unfortunately, as a user, I do not receive notifications about events from, for example, Companies and contacts created by other users, as well as the Subscribe button, does not automatically change to subscribed and turn green.

        Manually I can subscribe the button z.b. at a company or a contact select and this then changes to subscribed and turns green and I get under Home Activities events to the subscribed company and the contact appears.

        What else do I have to set where?

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          Thank you. Does not the cron job have to be activated or should it not be activated?

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          Cron must be not ebabled?