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    I'm not sure whether i misunderstand what EspoCRM can do and what it can't do.

    Here we use an Exchange server - not my idea. As far as I understand calendar invitations are sent like emails from, let's say, the calendar of a customer who invites me to attend a meeting. Or I create a meeting in EspoCRM calendar and invite a contact.

    But it does not work. If I create a meeting and invite someone else he does not get anything. If a customer sends a calendar invite from a different system nothing arrives here in the emails or the calendar.

    Am I doing something wrong or is EspoCRM not really able to do this?

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    if you click Send Invitations button or run service action, these emails have to be sent. Not when you add an invitee and automatically.
    Did you try to click this button?
    Emails will be sent to invitees, who have email address. Also these emails contain ics
    the source