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Make account view show history of all associated contacts?

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  • Make account view show history of all associated contacts?

    I am just starting to configure EspoCRM for my company, and am trying to understand how associations work in the system. For testing purposes, I have created 1 account, 1 contact, and have imported an email from the contact. The account does not have any email addresses associated directly with it, however it is linked with the contact. The contact has the appropriate email address, matching the imported email.

    From the contact page, the History view shows the email as expected. However, from the account page, the History view shows nothing.

    1. Is there a way to make the History view on the accounts page show a combined history for all child entities (contacts, leads, etc)?
    2. Alternately, is there a way to automatically associate emails with an account based on the domain name rather than adding email addresses for every contact?


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    Upon further evaluation and testing, this is now working as expected. I suspect that the contact was not created with the appropriate email address at the time the email was imported. During my latest test, the appropriate account was set as the parent of the email, and the email shows up in the history stream of the account and the contact.