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  • Opinions about deployment

    Hi guys,

    I currently run our EspoCRM installation on Google Cloud but it isn't publicly accessible because of firewall settings which is great when its being accessed from the office or clients offices that have static IP addresses. But it becomes an issue when its needed to access it on the road from phones and tablets etc. which of course don't have static IPs so a firewall rule can't be created to allow them access, so far I have got round this by having to VPN in to the office and that allows access that way but it's all a bit of a pain. So I would like to know how other people deploy their installs, do you allow access from anywhere? If you do allow access from anywhere then how is your confidence that Espo can't be hacked? I haven't opened ours up because obviously it contains a lot of client data and would be a massive issue if it were hacked and the data stolen, especially now with GDPR. I realise that Espo's hosted version is accessible from anywhere so is there some things Espo do to harden their service that anyone knows of?

    Anyones opinions on this would be very much appreciated.