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Massive update adding to target lists

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  • Massive update adding to target lists


    My name is Uriel Guerrero and I'm a newbie with EspoCRM. It's really the greatest server-owned CRM software.

    Now I had been rolling around throught he interface options to greatly discovery the high level of customization for all my business needs. I have a lot of questions and checklists to improve and take the major advantage of the software. One of the most useful thing to have working ok and I haven't able to configure it so, is to add the option to make massive updates to my leads, accounts and/or contacts registries to add the ones I select to target lists. In the Format customization settings I don't find that field (Target) to make it available.

    So what I do to complete that task is the other way around, I go to the target list and bring the registries I want to be in the list. Does the option I'm talking is really not available or I just haven't found it? And it so, where can I configure that thing?

    Thanks in advance!

    Uriel Guerrero

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    Hi Uriel,

    You can Select All Results when adding records on target list detail view.

    1. Click plus on Contacts panel on target list detail view.
    2. Make a search by specific criteria.
    3. Select All Results.
    4. Click Select.