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How to display only lastName of Users in linked entities?

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  • How to display only lastName of Users in linked entities?

    I would like to display only the lastName in the lists (not the details) of entities that are linked to the User entity. I know I could configure a foreign field targetting User.lastName, but I am wondering if there is a way to configure EspoCRM so that I don't have to do this configuration for every single entity that is linked to User ?
    Like a template, similar to time formats, where you could specify the order in which you want to see First and Last names and if you want to display both?
    Thank you.

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    modify List and List (Small) layouts in the Layout Manager for Users. Remove Name field, add Last Name field, if we talk about user list.
    if we talk about other entities, yes, you should to create foreign field for each needed entity.

    you could try to override person-name field view
    The single street address field provided by default is not adequate for our addressing needs so I'm looking to add a second street address field. It's easy

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      Hi, indeed, it is not in the user list that I need to make that change. I wanted to set it up so that only the lastName appeared in the related (linked) Entities's list.
      I'll see if I can manage to override it. Thanks.