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Account with shared contacts with muitple emails

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  • Account with shared contacts with muitple emails

    I have a "contact" that works with several "accounts". In the "contact" view she is listed with multiple accounts and multiple email addresses, one for each account.
    Each "account" related to a separate organisation. These organisations are working together but the information we send for each account must still be sent to the correct email address.

    How can I ensure that information send to her for each account is sent to the correct email address?
    Is there a way to associate each of a contact's individual contact details with each account she is a contact for?

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    The obvious way would be to create a separate contact record for each account but then we lose that link in terms of call history and notes. It would be good to be able to create multiple contacts and then flag them as "same person as <person y>" so that when viewed as a "contact" you can see all that persons details for each account but when processed as a "contact for account X" only her details relating to account X are visible.

    Update: I'm using this information to identify a primary contact for an external system to send automated reports to. My query linking accounts to users with the primary contact custom field flag set is pulling all contact details for that user for each account. In the CRM itself only the correct contact details are shown for each account so I think its my query... Checking my joins now...

    OK so on further investigation my joins appear to be OK

    When viewing account1 my contact is showing in "account1 contacts" with her preferred email address "Emailaddress@account1" which is correct.
    When viewing account2 my contact is showing in "account2 contacts" still with her preferred email address "Emailaddress@account2" which is incorrect.

    Unless there is something I'm missing this will cause a problem as information intended for account 2 will end up on account1's servers....

    I need to be able to associate contact details with both an account and a contact (or link contacts where they refer to the same person as described above). Any help appreciated.
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