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Help ! Error 403 -> Upgrading or Uploading

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  • Help ! Error 403 -> Upgrading or Uploading

    I am getting error 403 for anything to do with uploading, whether it is an attachment or an upgrade to the system(presently on 4.8.4.)... this has started in the last few days.

    I have:
    a) Checked the log in /data and there's nothing there but a warning for something else and I have had this warning for months.
    b) Checked the disk space for public_html and unless there's a quota set on this folder(or the upload folder) I can't see the issue, if this would even affect it (pls advise as I could dig further)...also I have attached a screen shot of the disk usage
    c) Have not made any changes whatsoever to the system since December
    d) Checked the Apache logs and really cannot see anything there which would have any bearing on this.

    Any ideas???

    thanks in advance!

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    An update... I have checked permissions on the folders(755 or 750) and have manually uploaded files with no problem.

    Important note:.... I cannot even upload an upgrade zip to go from 4.8.4 to 5.05 as I get the same Error 403: Access forbidden. This is something fundamental with access rights / configuration BUT NOTHING HAS CHANGED HELP!


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      CORRECTION... folders are just 755 and all the files are 644...peachy.


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        could you upgrade EspoCRM with CLI?

        And check params in php.ini, related to file uploading


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          Hi Tanya... thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I am using a hosted server and do not have that level of access. Any idea what it might be?


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            could you check parameters upload_max_filesize, memory_limit, post_max_size? (you could create a php file with content phpinfo()


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              Hi Tanya... pls ignore my private message as I wasn't sure if you wanted the whole phpinfo() dump... anyway, the above values are fine... 512M, 256M, 512M


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                open application/Espo/Controllers/Admin.php
                postActionUploadUpgradePackage and postActionRunUpgrade
                as you can see, there are 2 places, where throwing forbidden, and you can see the conditions. Could you check what returns true?


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                  Hi Tanya... not sure if you have seen my private messages but just thought I would follow up in the forum for the sake of everyone else....

                  Anyway, The problem is uploading any attachment anywhere in the system, including a system upgraded zip(attached example). I went into debug mode in the browser and on the attached screenshot you can see the resource which the system is seeking to load for what looks like js/ajax call.... ANYONE have any ideas?

                  Note: the folder espo/api/v1 has only 1 sub-folder, portal-access NOT an Admin folder

                  Thanks in advance!