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  • Search has bugs


    the search did not find entries if we search for a part of a name and the search part has an * infront.
    For example we have this entry in the database: Markt *447 Baumeister
    This search works: 447 Bau
    This works not: 447

    We have a lot of markets with a marketnumber prefixed with an *, so we didnt not want to change the data.


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    Search works only if the length is not less then 4, or the other parameter 'textFilterContainsMinLength' in config.php


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      Search for a length of 3 works already, but not if the part i search for has a * prefix.


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        * is a wildcard for text search since 5.3.0.

        You can use 'Add Field' search. Wildcard '*' is not applied there.


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          I dont use a wildcard, i search for example: 456
          This gives als search result for example:
          "Market 456 over here"
          but it did not find
          "Market *456 over there"

          If i search for: 456 over
          it got both markets:
          "Market 456 over here"
          "Market *456 over there"

          Also i tried searches without/with wildcard.

          Search for 044 gives
          "044 Market here"

          Search for 044*Market
          didnt find it, but it should.

          It only works if an * is added to the end.
          Search for 044*Market* finds it again.
          "044 Market here"

          Thats confusing and not intiutive.
          There should be an tooltip for the searchfield which explains the search usage and restictions.


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            Updated to 5.3.3, the search still has the same bug. For example if i want to find "Market *445 Hamburg", and search it with "445" it is not found.


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              Tested with 5.3.4, i have still the same problem. Please response if this is going to change or we must replace the wildcard in our customers names.

              Pic 1: Search for "wand" did find name with "*wand"
              Pic 2: Search for "050 bau" did find name with "... *050 Bau....."
              Pic 3: Search for "050" did not find name with "... *050 Bau...." <-That is a problem for us.
              It is find only another customer that starts with "050"
              Last edited by iconberg; 07-23-2018, 12:00 PM.


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                It's not planned to be changed.