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  • Export / Import issues

    Hi all! I wanted to move whole database to my new computer. I used export/import option to migrate data, unfortunately I don't know how to export & import "Stream" section. This is crucial, because every contact has a "stream" where all notes are kept & linked to a contact.
    For example, all e-mail addresses, phone numbers, callendar events are migrated correctly, but if I open a contact, I cannot see any notes under the contact. Also callendar events are not linked with a contact.
    Please have a look on screenshots attached so you can have an overview on what's going on.
    How can I quickly move my whole database to another computer? I'm not using any cloud computing services, the server is kept on hard drive.

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    stream can not be exported / imported. Also link multiple fields.
    Why don't you make a dump directly from mysql?


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      Thanks for quick response!
      Can someone describe step by step how to make a dump from mysql? The guidance above is for linux, I'm using win10 now.
      This should fix my issue, right?