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report panel showing process user task

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  • report panel showing process user task

    I have tried following in demo site (

    Create a process flowchart for entity Task with 3 steps
    1. Start event - trigger condition: status is Completed
    2. A user review task
    3. End event

    Then i create a report of Process User Task Showing all process user task with the following fields
    1. Target
    2. Resolution
    3. Resolution Note
    4. Modified By.
    5. Modified At.

    I then add a report panel for Task using the above report. When i visit a completed Task, the report panel show nothing, however, records are shown in report.

    I want to see all the user process tasks of the Task in Task detail view. How can i do this? Thanks.
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    This is specific relationship. I think it will be fixed in the next version of Advanced Pack


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      Thank you