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"name" field - auto fill out with content from other fields?

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  • "name" field - auto fill out with content from other fields?

    each Task etc. is having the field "Name" which is linked - quite usefull.

    is it possible, and if yes, how, to "auto-fill-out" this field? for e.g., the "Name" from the Task, I would like to have named with the Content of some custom fields, for e.g. we have a dropbdown with "type of Task" and "date to be done" - now the "Name" field schuld be "{type of Task} {date to be done}"


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    Formula is good for this


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      ok, but is it possible to use these formulas for the "name" field? or is it possible, and if so, how, to define another field als the "main-name-field" as it is now? because the "name" field is the one, which is always hyperlinked... and we'd like to have this linked field name because of some other fields...


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        You can use formula for any existing field. For name or for the custom one.
        name is hyperlink where? In relations and on the list view?


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          I've played now more than an hour around, but don't get it...

          What I want to do, is that the "name" of a Task is set automatically because of the content of some fields the task is having. content from the fields "Type of Task" and "contact.CustomerNumber" (field from the connected contact of the Task.

          so for e.g., a Task, which is assigned to the contact "Max Muster" (which contains a field, "CustomerNumber" which content is 11'111), and the "Type of Task" is, "deliver vehicle". Now the "name" of the task should be "deliver vehicle, 11'111" - so how do I get that?

          I assume, it's an "attribut" I have to create for the field "name" with something like "linkName.attributeName", but I don't really get it...


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            Check the correct field name in Entity Manager. I think the formula has to be name = string\concatenate(type, ", ", contact.customerNumber); Do you have relation between task and contact or you use Parent link?


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              Hi, I had a similar problem, and with this formula it works even with related fields. Only one thing: I have an enum field in the formula, and in the field "name" is now the englisch name of the option and not the german label (e.g. I created the name field of "", which is the related field, and "jobLocation", which is an enum field. In the field name there is now "Programmierer office" instead of "Programmierer Büro". regards Michael


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                you can catch it with a variable and IfThen function, like
                $location = '';
                ifThen (jobLocation == "Programmierer office", $location = "Programmierer Büro");
                ifThen (jobLocation == "Other", $location = "Andere");
                name = string\concatenate("Job name from ", $location);