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Copying Child Stream Notes to Parent

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  • tanya
    read application/Espo/Services/Stream.php
    Notes have as well superParent field. Here you can find how does this field set.
    For this Workflow is not good, because it's run after note saved, you need to set this field before record saved.
    Create beforeSave hook for Note and set fields 'superParentType' and 'superParentId'

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  • tvittitoe
    started a topic Copying Child Stream Notes to Parent

    Copying Child Stream Notes to Parent

    When we write a note on the contact level or the opportunity level, we would like to copy these notes to the business level as well. On my workflow I have "Target Entity: Note; Trigger Type: After record created; Formula: partenType!='Account'". I just can't figure out what to do on the action side. "Link with Another Record" only gives me options for: attachments, Portals, Teams,Users.