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  • Show custom entity on User Portal

    Hi, i wanna ask something related to entity management and user portal.

    So.. my custom entity is not shown on the user portal management, can I add my custom entity there? thanks in advance!

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    Check, if this entity is available for portal users in portal role, and you can add this entity to tab list in portal view


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      Thanks for the reply,

      Yes, the entity i've created is not shown or available on the portal user in portal role. Hm, is it possible to make it available?

      The entity name is "Project" and it is only available for admin or other member, except portal users.

      Sorry if it's not clear enough, I'm not good at explaining things.


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        Did you create this entity manually or with Entity Manager? Could you also attach screenshots (portal role, portal entity tab list, real view for portal user)
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          Sorry for the late reply,

          I created the entity by following this( ) tutorial, 100% the same. After that, I added a relation to another Entity with Entity Manager.

          Here are the screenshots,
          Portal Role :
          Click image for larger version

Name:	espo_portalr1.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	10.0 KB
ID:	33681Click image for larger version

Name:	espo_portalr2.PNG
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Size:	41.1 KB
ID:	33682Click image for larger version

Name:	espo_portalr3.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	22.0 KB
ID:	33683

          Portal Entity Tab List :

          Click image for larger version

Name:	espo_portalent_tablist.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	35.4 KB
ID:	33684

          Real View Portal User :

          Click image for larger version

Name:	espo_realview_portaluser.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	22.3 KB
ID:	33685

          Hope i didn't miss anything, thanks in advance


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            Hello again
            Open application/Espo/Modules/PM/Resources/metadata/scopes/Project.json
            and add
            "aclPortal": true,
            "aclPortalLevelList": [

            Rebuild CRM


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              Hi, thanks for the response,

              Did i do the right thing with this?

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Project_json.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	6.8 KB
ID:	33697


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                this file is not valid for now. you skip the comma after ']'
                and better (logically) to paste this text after "acl":true,


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                  Ah i see, thanks for the correction,

                  I've fixed the text as you described,

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Project_json2.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	6.5 KB
ID:	33701

                  I've rebuilt the CRM and clear the cache, i still can't see "Project" entity on the Portal Entity Tab List, what did i miss?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	espo_portalent_tablist2.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	39.3 KB
ID:	33702


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                    again not valid json
                    check here


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                      It works!

                      Thank you for the support and patience you are a great person, have a good day