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    Thanks in advance for the answer. Is there a possibility to alert internal users with a reminder/email when a lead is inactive for more than 2 days? For e.g., we create a lead, send an email and if they do not answer in 2 days a notification is sent to internal users regarding the lead inactivity?

    Thank you!

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    For now I see the only one way, if you want to do this without developing:
    create additional date (or datetime) field (readonly) (named lastEmailDate for ex.), create workflow for email, if it has lead, update related parent lead, set a value for this field as now.
    If this worklow works well, you can create other workflow rules

    The first workflow rule is sequential, for email with formula condition - (parentType='Lead' && parent.lastEmailDate && parent.lastEmailDate < datetime\addDays(datetime\now(), -2)) (also you add in all section Parent is Not Empty), in action send email or create notification
    You need one workflow for email sending (after record saved, status changed, status equals sent), in actions Trigger other workflow rule, select delay in 2 days, select previous workflow
    Hope it will work, I don't check it