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    Hello Tanya

    I'm whant to see if the advand pach extension is revolvs som need to my curent crm. And i realy can use some guident's.
    Her is what i whant to accomplis:

    We have 2 related tabels, first is "order" and the other is "backlog", the relation type is from backlog many to one order.

    For example an agent will add Clinet "ABC" theat has order a list of items, a nother oerator will chek the stocks of the list and will find out theat 3 items from the order ar not in stock,
    so in the related tab of the order he will add the entris: pencil, tisher, pc.
    The person responsible whit making new purcheses chek the lists in backlog wher he sees all the items theat ar not in stock for all the orders.
    After ordering some items we will clik a chek box (in_stock)
    The agent sees theat the order of his client ABC has 3 items backlog and 2 of them have ben order and are not in stock
    so we will decid to deliver hafe of the order and so he will clik a chekbx in the order table (hav_deliver)
    -----so far so good---- i got this part cover now comes the logical part theat i whent workflows to help my whit.

    I whant to update the product in backlog so theat only the products theat have( the cekbox in_stock set at the moment the chekbox from order hav_deliver is beeing save) will triger a nother chekbox (deliver) so theat we know from theat order the folowing items wor deliver and the other are still weiting deliveri.
    I traoid doing it whit formula but i failld, becous after a order hav been chek hav_deliver and a new backlog item have arivesd in stock and the chekbox in_stock is beeing pres the formula will say theat theat item have been deliver also and this is not good.

    How can i acomplis this using the workflows ?

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    comand is order
    livrare partiala is hav_deliver

    restanta is backlog
    livrata is deliver

    the tables ar made on the demo page


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      Sorry, I'm not sure that I understand you.
      Could you briefly describe the logic?
      After Comanda saved and Livrata partial is true, you want to update all related Restantas - how?


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        If the related items hav the chekbox inStock then se a nother chekbox delivered.

        we have 2 tables orders and the other when all the items theat are not in stock whe add them ther and asign them to the order. Some times we delivere only hafe of the items of a order and we are using check boxes to keep track. we have a check box when the order have ben send partial and in the related fils he have the items theat haves a chekbox theat indicat if the product whas order and is in stock. i whant to pass to "restante" theat the filds theat have been chek in stok at the moment when i push the chek box partail delivered thow items need to get a nother chek automaticli so i know if thows product wor send to the client or not.
        Is this making sens ?
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          i remade it in demo.


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            ifThenElse(nowInStock, delivredeProduct=true)