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  • New Portal Auth Error

    I'm running espocrm on IIS V4.8.2 . The normal login and everything works wonderfully, but I can't get the portal function to work.
    I've created a portal and the system has generated a url of
    When I paste this link into a different browser, the page loads until it hits settings and I18n when these resources get a 401 Authorisation error. ->401 ->401

    and so the rest of the page does not load

    /portal/ ,/api/v1/ , /api/va/portal-access/ all redirect to the index.php in the folders.

    If feels as though the slim component is doing a 401, but I'm not really clear about whether these resource are supposed to be public so that the login page would load...

    Any insight about this?

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    Could it be possible, that the reason is web.config or portal/web.config?


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      Again stop end when actual help is needed... What possibly could be wrong in web.config?
      oprtal/web.config propably looks like this for everyone who has installed the system:

      <rule name="rule 1G" stopProcessing="true">
      <match url="^" />
      <action type="Rewrite" url="index.php" appendQueryString="true" />

      What should be changed? is that rule 1G stopping the process? what process? portal viewing process? and then returning back to index.php?
      On my system i will get only the page saying "Not Found".


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        What the error do you actually have? Do you get 404 error when you are trying to enter on the portal page?


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          I will get only a message saying "Not Found" -> That's a single web page, nothing else on it. All the espoCRM GUI elements are gone too.


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            try to change the name as the custom url, like leaving it blank, if not it is already the subject of apache rules as they say in the previous Rewrite.