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Prevent multiselection of role from user

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  • Prevent multiselection of role from user

    How to prevent multiselection of role? I want the role field like 'default team' field in user section. Is it possible to do that? please help me?

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    You can set default team and relate a role for this team.
    I can't imagine, how do you want to use... why do you need default role. Default team is used, if you set in record assigned user and don't set any team. But if user has default team, this record will be related to this team. Record can't be related to role


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      I want every user should belongs to a single role only. The default team concept you said is not that i want. Is it possible to make a field default role, like default team? or make role field single select(link)?


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        You can create other field, but if you change it, you need to create a hook to remove other roles... but, if user has teams and teams have roles, permissions from all teams and this set roles will be merged