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  • Fields used by text search.


    I build and improted a entity white all my clients name and detalis
    and now i whant to build a new entity whit relation to the clients entity theat i will use for building orders for a certen client
    and in this new order entity i dont use the the name fild

    Is it posible to
    case 1 auto copi the selected client from the relationsip fild and lik it to the name fild
    case 2 is it posible to add in the fields used by text search. the fild from relationsip ?

    if ther is a solution for case1 i will not need to ad the related fild to the searche array and i will only display in grid the name of the entity and in edit mod i wil only displai the related fild and when the user selects a customer from the list the name will automaticli copy it !

    Is this posible bay ani wei ?

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    Clouse this post pls i found out theat i only had to make a formula to worck