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Workflow to Update Contact Status With Campaign Log Record Action

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  • Workflow to Update Contact Status With Campaign Log Record Action

    Currently, we're manually updating the field "status" of a contact with the latest "action" of the campaign log record , using this query:

    update contact
    set contact.status = ifnull(
    (select lower(campaign_log_record.action) from campaign_log_record where campaign_log_record.parent_id = order by campaign_log_record.action_date desc limit 1), 'cold')
    where contact.do_not_contact = 0 and contact.deleted = 0;
    We've recently purchased the Advanced Pack to get this job done whenever a new campaign log record is being created. However, we cannot find a way to reflect the above query using a Workflow.

    How is this supposed to be done in EspoCRM?

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    For now it is not possible to update parent entity. The only way for now is to use Run Workflow Service action ( for Campaign Log Record, triggered after record created


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      since version 1.25.0 you can update parent with workflow
      Originally posted by yurikuzn View Post
      New version 1.25.0.

      What's new:
      * Workflows: Ability to specify Reply-To address in Send Email action.
      * Workflows: Supporting parent relationship type in Update Related Entity action.
      * Report: Supporting address fields in list report columns.
      * Report: Supporting grouping by week (w/ EspoCRM version 4.8.0 and greater);
      * Report: Supporting WEEK function in complex expressions (w/ EspoCRM 4.8.0 version and greater).


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        Hi Tanya,

        When trying to add an action to "Update Related Entity" of type "Parent", we receive the following JS error:

        VM1989:145 Uncaught Error
            at n.setupScope (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1503290339:16), <anonymous>:145:27)
            at n.handleLink (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1503290339:16), <anonymous>:223:18)
            at n.changeLinkAction (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1503290339:16), <anonymous>:195:18)
            at n.change [name="link"] (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1503290339:16), <anonymous>:30:22)
            at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (espo.min.js?r=1503290339:3)
            at HTMLDivElement.r.handle (espo.min.js?r=1503290339:3)
        We use Espo Version 4.8.0 and Advanced Pack Version 1.25.0.

        Any suggestions?


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          It seems like for Campaign Log this not works (e.g. for Meeting it works fine). This will be fixed a new release.


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            Thanks for the reply.

            When do you expect the new version to be released?


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              I think, this week


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                New version is released.


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                  Thanks for the update.

                  However, "Update Related Entity" for "Parent" still won't work for type "Campaign Log Record" - this is the JS error we see in the Console:

                  VM3333:145 Uncaught Error
                      at n.setupScope (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1504518637:16), <anonymous>:145:27)
                      at n.handleLink (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1504518637:16), <anonymous>:223:18)
                      at n.changeLinkAction (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1504518637:16), <anonymous>:195:18)
                      at n.change [name="link"] (eval at _execute (espo.min.js?r=1504518637:16), <anonymous>:30:22)
                      at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (espo.min.js?r=1504518637:3)
                      at HTMLDivElement.r.handle (espo.min.js?r=1504518637:3)
                  setupScope @ VM3333:145
                  handleLink @ VM3334:223
                  changeLinkAction @ VM3333:195
                  change [name="link"] @ VM3334:30
                  dispatch @ espo.min.js?r=1504518637:3
                  r.handle @ espo.min.js?r=1504518637:3
                  Any ideas?
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                    For me, it works fine. Could you reproduce this error on the demo
                    Perhaps, try to clear cache (Menu > clear local cache).


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                      Couldn't reproduce on the demo, where it's properly working.

                      Of course we cleared cache and also ran rebuild.

                      Any other ideas?


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                        did you do any customization? check also espocrm log


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                          Yes, we did some customising - please check below.

                          Anything that could cause the problem?


                          1) Increase number of monitored inboxes (maxLength:2000)

                 - also, set `varchar(2000)` in column `monitored_folders` in table `email_account`
                          vi crm/application/Espo/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/InboundEmail.json

                          "monitoredFolders": { "type": "varchar", "default": "INBOX", "view": "views/inbound-email/fields/folders", "tooltip": true, "maxLength":2000 },
                          2) Show "Select Template" field in reply view


                          vi crm/client/src/views/email/detail.js

                          3) Apply patch to fetch e-mails containing non-ascii chars

                          vi crm/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Header/HeaderWrap.php

                          4) Make Industry Multi-Enum for Lead Entity

                          DB: Make field 'industry' longtext

                          vi crm/application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Lead.json

                          "industry": { "type": "multiEnum",
                          vi crm/client/modules/crm/src/views/lead/fields/industry.js

                          Espo.define('crm:views/lead/fields/industry', 'views/fields/multi-enum', function (Dep) {
                          5) Make Industry Multi-Enum for Account Entity:

                          DB: Make field 'industry' longtext

                          vi crm/custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Account.json

                          "industry": { "type": "multiEnum",
                          6) Add Industry & Source to Contact Entity:

                          vi crm/application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Contact.json

                          "source": { "type": "enum", "options": ["", "Call", "Email", "Existing Customer", "Partner", "Public Relations", "Web Site", "Campaign", "Other"], "default": "" },
                          "industry": { "type": "multiEnum", "view": "crm:views/lead/fields/industry", "customizationOptionsDisabled": true, "default": "", "isSorted": true },

                          vi crm/custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Contact.json

                          "source": { "type": "enum", "options": [ "", "App Store", "Web Site", "Event", "Email", "Existing Customer", "Partner", "Call", "Family & Friends", "Public Relations", "Campaign", "Other" ], "required": false }
                          7) Link Contact Type with Lead Type

                          vi crm/application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Contact.json

                          "type": { "type": "multiEnum", "view": "crm:views/lead/fields/type", "customizationOptionsDisabled": true, "default": "", "isSorted": true },
                          vi crm/custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Contact.json

                          "type": { "type": "multiEnum", "required": false, "audited": false, "readOnly": false, "tooltip": false }
                          cp crm/client/modules/crm/src/views/lead/fields/industry.js client/modules/crm/src/views/lead/fields/type.js

                          vi crm/client/modules/crm/src/views/lead/fields/type.js

                          Espo.define('crm:views/lead/fields/type', 'views/fields/multi-enum', function (Dep) {
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                            I think, these customization are not related with the error. Is this error only for Campaign Log Record? Also, try to login and test in another browser or on incognito mode.


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                              Action "Update Related Entity" for "Parent" works well with "Call", "Task", "Meeting" and "E-Mail".

                              However, it wouldn't work with "Campaign Log Record" and "Note".

                              I've tried with incognito on Chrome and get the same error. Tried the same in Safari, but couldn't get Espo to run at all (the console reads "QuotaExceededError (DOM Exception 22): The quota has been exceeded.").

                              I've also cleared the local cache and application storage with no effect.

                              Any other ideas?