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How to: Speed up call activity tasks and logging?

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  • How to: Speed up call activity tasks and logging?

    Hi there,

    we want to call a number of contacts. After the call, we want to log the activity and in case of e.g. a no response schedule the next call.

    Thus I want to know

    a) Is there a faster way to set a call activity for several hundred contacts than to create a call for each person?
    b) Is it possible to set a next call task from the contact view after recording the result in the nots in order to keep an activity log with the contact and to be fast?
    c) Could it be done with the workflow package. I could not identify such a workflow in the description.

    Any suggestions, ideas and experience etc. are welcome!
    Thanks a lot

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    Did you heard about VoIP integration ?
    Combine this extension with workflow feature allows you to schedule next unanswered call automatically.
    Also exists the default report for Lead Activity, you can override it for Contacts