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    We would like to have a list of actions in the account case which could be checked off as they are completed and would be used to drive workflow.
    Is there a way to do this other than using the boolean field and having multiple separate fields?

    I tried an Array, but they format out in a comma separated list when not in edit mode, so not very readable.
    Multi-Enum, but only one visible at a time and not edit friendly.

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    If the problem is only view of field, you can override view and customize template. But as I can see, these types of field are not available in workflow.
    One more way is to use linkMultiple field. Before create an Entity for your Actions. Create a relationship between account and action many-to-many. And check in Action side, field is linkMultiple.


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      I created the Actions entity, linked it to the Case (vs the Account) as you stated. But, I'm having to "create" the action in the case field.

      If I need to have the following actions.
      1. Document Sent
      2. Signed Document Received
      3. Executed Document Sent

      How do I add those to the Actions entity? It appears I add them in from a case the first time, then they would be selectable boolen "options" in the Actions list for all Cases, is that correct?

      Any documentation on doing such things? I found the documentation and have read the workflow info.
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        So, I figured this out.
        1. Create an Entity for each work flow steps you wish to create. E.g. Partner Stages
        2. Leave the entity visible on the menu for now.
        3. Add in entries to the Partner Stage Entity.
        A. Send MNDA.
        B. Received MNDA.
        C. Signed MNDA.
        4. Now go to your Account Case (or Account or whatever) Entity relationships, create a new relationship and link to the new Partner Stage Entity. Choose Many-to-Many. Check field is linkMultiple on the Partner Stage side.
        5. Go to the Display Manager and add the Partner Stage field "name" to the form where you want it.
        6. Go to workflow and add in your workflow based on the Partner Stage fields.

        Hope this helps.