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  • Calendar recurring event

    Is it possible to set up a recurring calendar Call, Meeting, Or Task?

    i.e. If same meeting every week

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    It is possible with workflow from Advanced Pack
    But it needs some accurate work.
    In general you need to create a workflow is trigger after event (Call, Meeting, Or Task) created, set condition (important!), and in actions select Create Entity


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      Yes, I have the workflows from advanced pack and have a couple set up already.

      I have a idea on how to get it created in the first place now. Do you have any suggestion on how to delete/remove these events once they are created by a user?


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        I think you need to create to create link field (and relation before) Parent Event, also you need to create a flag field (bool or enum) to specify recurrence.
        for deleting you need to create logic hook (afterRemove), where you can select all next related events and remove them

        some information about hooks


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          Okay will try. Thanks Tanya


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            Hi there

            it could be really cool to have these "repeat event" feature as a first-class feature in EspoCRM.
            Is it in the roadmap ?

            I have many customers that really need that... to plan recurrent internal staff meeting and for now, it's really painfull to plan these recurring events.
            Thanks for your feedback / update


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              It is planned, but not with high priority


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                oki :-(
                Let me know if i can help or if you have any guidelines for the implementation


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                  +1 for this, what can we do to help get it attention?


                  • espcrm
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                    Probably never officially; the recommend method is to use Advanced Packages (Workflow) to do this. It been a Feature Requests I'm still waiting for natively.

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                  OK, thanks - we'll look at contributing something upstream, shouldn't be too difficult and happy to help


                  • espcrm
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                    Cool; looking forward to that. Here is their Github if you want to do Pull request;

                    Here is the unofficial wiki that might give you some interest in reading more:

                    But if you do work toward "upgrading" the calendar. Be good if you can add in two status: Defer (Reschedule) and Cancel. Default status are: Held, Not Held, Planned. But this is not important, re-curring is!

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                  yuri could you please let us the possibility of having recurring events ? better if we can implement this to workflow and BPM aswell.