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    Friends, good evening! Well, I'm really newbie for this CRM stuff and I really apologize if my question sounds dumb or if there's another topic talking about my need...

    I have a Formulary PDF, made with my little cleaning company logo and other design, which I want to use for all my stuff being sent to customers, like greeting letter, contracts, invoices, whatever...
    (it's attached here in this post)

    My question is:

    Is it possible to fill this formulary with the contacts data?
    is it possible to have different data sources for the field text? Example: All the letters will have the fields Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code , but the TEXT will be variable, cause it can be a greeting, or a contract, or an invoice, etc... and at the end of the form, the signature source should be the user who is preparing the form to be sent...

    Thanks again for all of you. I really appreciate any constructive feedback.

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    You can use Template feature for this.
    But you need to spend some time to make it the same as your example
    Print to PDF is available now only for Invoices and Quotes. But you can add it to any Entity with a little code modification.


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      Ok, thanks !