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Power Outage - IP Address Changed

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  • Power Outage - IP Address Changed

    Well shoot. I'm inexperienced and learning, so bear with me.

    I connect through Comcast, which is DHCP. I had a power outage, so all my devices reset their IP address as they connected. Instead of being, my new address is

    I ran EZ Internet again so I can access my server from the internet. I still have no connection when I go to my Espo URL. I believe I need to play with the data/config.php file and update the IP address. I did that - but still no luck.
    To double check, I can go to my home webpage (not Espo), so I know external access is enabled from my home server.
    I can also access my "home" Espo URL when I'm connected via my home network, so I know nothing has been lost.

    Is there maybe another suggestion or a step I'm missing? Something to do with port forwarding? Something with thy myPHPadmin/MySQL log in details? Is there a way I can "not renew" IP addresses so this doesn't happen again?