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Carriage Return and Line feeds in text fields

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  • Carriage Return and Line feeds in text fields

    I have an email template that is tied to my service system that sends out emails to my clients showing the progress of a case as it is happening. The problem that I am having has to do with a text field that my support reps put comments in as they work the case. Each time there is an update to the field and it is saved, an email is triggered and the client is updated. The workflow works great but the issue has to do with carriage returns and line feeds for each entry in the field. Here's an example of what I am talking about.

    Text field on screen looks like this:

    Case Work Performed

    Here is some work done
    Here is more work done
    and some more work done.

    When the email gets formatted the text field looks like this:

    Here is some work doneHere is more work doneand some more work done

    Carriage returns and line feeds are not being passed to the email template.

    Anyone have any idea how to get around this??


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    Disregard, I figured it out! WYSIWYG!


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      There is a fix


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        Thanks for the fix! As I had mentioned, the WYSIWYG field type provided me the line feeds on the email output. However, just to note, the "changed" logic in workflows does not work with a WYSIWYG field type. Just thought I would mention it!


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          Not sure... Can't reproduce.
          Check other workflow rules or give me more information


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            When building a workflow I set two conditions that will invoke actions. The first condition is to check if a status equals a certain value and then check if a WYSIWYG field has changed. I can change the status and not change the WYSIWYG, which would be a false condition, but nevertheless the workflow triggers. After I fixed the Text field code, the Text field works perfectly.


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              Originally posted by tanya View Post
              tanya is there any hofix file for this issue, or we need to modify the core files with the updated code?