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  • Group Email Filters Setup

    Hi All,

    Let me I guess first explain what I expect my end result to be, and hopefully someone will be able to help guide me there!

    I want to have two monitored folders on a group account, Inbox and Correspondence. This particular email that the group email account is setup receives emails from customers and multiple aliases, for example,, etc which I want all of these messages deposited to be put into the Inbox folder on EspoCRM (4.2.5... waiting for 4.3 before we upgrade). Additionally, what I want to see is all the messages identical to all other users on this group account. For example, if I read the email it should show as read for everyone else, or if they delete it it should disappear on my end.

    On our sales teams computers, when we are emailing customers from Outlook we will drop the messages we receive and send them into the Correspondence folder. I want to monitor this folder but only as far as it linking the messages between the contacts and accounts we have setup just for archiving and reference between the other team members if required - I don't want us to be putting messages in the correspondence folder and they appear in the Inbox like a new message that we just received.

    Is what I have explained in both these scenarios even possible? I've been playing around with a few different configurations for this with Filters and folders... but not getting very far with it. Any help would be fantastic!


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    Hi Kevin,

    * Email can be marked as read only for the current logged users.
    * Folders are user specific. If you put email into folder it will be in folder only for the current user.