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Hotfix for UTF8 error when sending mass email?

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  • Hotfix for UTF8 error when sending mass email?

    Hi there,

    we wanted to send out a mass email. Last week it worked. Yesterday we tried to send a test email for the next campaign. It never arrived. In the log there is the following error:

    MassEmail#sendQueueItem: [0] Subject value must be composed of printable US-ASCII or UTF-8 characters. [] []

    The only letter I can think of is using a "-" in the subject.

    So, I deleted it. There is also no ä,ö ... usw. Still it does not work. Is there any hotfix as we need to send out the email urgently?

    Thanks a lot

    BTW: there is also the following, new error in the log, I did not have so far. [2016-11-10 22:30:07] Espo.ERROR: EmailAccount XXX (Get Message): [0] Header value must be composed of printable US-ASCII characters and valid folding sequences. [] []

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    Are you able to send regular emails w/ such characters?


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      I tried and it worked on my environment. Maybe it's about how it's stored in database? Something wrong with encoding there?


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        mmm, database (mySQL) is set to utf8_unicode_ci? Should it be utf8_general_ci?
        EsporoCRM docs only state it should work fine with almost mySQL databases. So I simply created it.
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          any new idea?

          I did some research on the matter and this might be of interest
          Basically it says: "Turns out MySQL’s utf8 charset only partially implements proper UTF-8 encoding. It can only store UTF-8-encoded symbols that consist of one to three bytes; encoded symbols that take up four bytes aren’t supported." The author found it out in relation with a JavaScript project.

          it is just an idea, but maybe this is the reason many people in the forum have UTF8 errors.


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            Which version do you use? I sent out some 4000 emails during the last couple of weeks and never encountered any error. But of course I'd be interested in seeing the error and/or finding the solution since sooner or later one of my patients will ask me. If you want you can send me the email template (or a part of it), you'll find me on the web. I am using MariaDB though...
            Robert Laussegger
            iscon group