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Accounts, Leads will not Remove

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  • Accounts, Leads will not Remove

    I Created Account and Leads and when I try to remove some of them nothing happens. Some other items will not remove either. This was working but now for some reason removal is broken. Can anyone help? New to this and using the latest version.

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    What does server response? Check apache log and espocrm log. Do you have any worflows, related with Accounts/Leads or own hooks?


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      Removal simply did not work. I installed the system on Oct 25, configured some email, imported a few leads and entered data. I was deleting accounts and leads fine and then the system went completely unresponsive to "Remove" on almost all screens including the calendar. Everything else seems to work. Logging out and in under "Administrator" does not work either. I have created no hooks or done anything fancy at all. Most I have done is added a new status category in Leads using the entity manager.

      Update - I noticed reset.html and ran it from the browser. After that the system is responding properly once again. Just in case someone else has the problem.


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        Check if your user is admin, and in user profile check user's permission on removal (Access button)


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          This is fixed. I believe it to be a simple background message from my server that asks "Are you Sure?" I gives you the option to ignore future messages, if you click the checkbox the problem begins. Perhaps something on my server install is not correct.


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            I reproduced this. Hope guys will fix it.
            Enough is to open crm in a new tab or just don't check the box
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              Yes, now I know. Forgot I had clicked that annoying checkbox and didn't connect the dots once I had the problem.