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    We're moving from OnlyOffice (formerly TeamLab) and so far we're really liking EspoCRM. One issue that we're having that we also had on OnlyOffice is the time/format display. It shows military time and here in the U.S. we much prefer the 12/24 format that shows 1:00pm 3:00pm etc. I don't see a way in the admin to change that but I'm guessing it's possible to change in a file somewhere. Searched for quite a while but couldn't find an answer on the forum or on Google. Sorry if this has been asked...but would like to change it if possible.

    Chris Blair

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    You can change it in the User profile > Preferences. For system and new users settings, go to Administrator panel > Settings.
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      Not sure I understand. I've tried every option available for Time Format and nothing changes on how time is displayed. It stays on the 24 hour military type display of showing 3:00pm at 15:00. On Time Zone, the only one that works and accurately shows the correct time for our zone is "UTC." If I select "America/Chicago" which is the zone we're located, our times are off by +9 hours. I've checked the server and the timezone is set properly there. So sort of lost as to how to correct this. If it's any consolation, we've experienced the exact same problem while testing Bitrix24 and ZohoCRM, and those are completely setup and maintained by those companies on their servers. So this seems to be a pretty common issue. In all instances, we're either syncing with a Google Calendar, or importing calendar events from an .ics file that was generated from a different CRM. The .ics file is accurate and properly formatted and times show correctly in it. We even had an IT friend take a look at it and import it into some other applications to confirm it's setup correctly. With EspoCRM I've successfully imported the .ics file into the meetings. All information came in properly but the only way it shows the right times is by setting the Time-Zone to UTC. Any suggestions? We love Espo but one of the reasons we're moving away from OnlyOffice (formerly TeamLab) is it has the EXACT SAME problem. It drives our employees crazy and results in all sorts of mistakes when people enter tasks and meeting times.


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        Got this sorted out. Seems I had a mismatch in the administration--->settings timezone and in the users--->preferences timezone. So now we're displaying correctly with the 12/24 1:00pm thing. Also figured out why the import shows the wrong times. It's using UTC, which apparently is different than the GMT America/Chicago setting (our time-zone). Very confusing but seems it's not a problem with EspoCRM or our server settings but weirdness with timezones in general. So our server is set correctly, EspoCRM is set correctly, but the import file needs to have the time-zone changed. So this is solved.