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Keep a copy of all emails sent by Espo ?

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  • Keep a copy of all emails sent by Espo ?


    if there a way to keep a copy of all emails sent by Espo ?
    (ex: can i add a BCC mailbox (like an archive.mailbox?) to all emails sent by the systems?)


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    No. But you can store your emails on IMAP. There is an option at Personal Email Account.


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      Hello Yuri, and 'wtconseil', I just logged in for the first time on the forum, and we're installing (for the first time) the EspoCRM. Email conversations are obviously key/central to CRM. Both emails we receive from Customers, and emails we have sent to customers.

      Yuri, please verify if my understanding is correct (Note: you mentioned EspoCRM uses IMAP. We use gmail within Google for Business).

      Following installing EspoCRM, we do the following inside the EspoCRM Administration > Email...

      a) We enter our SMTP server credentials.
      b) We add our mailchimp account for bulk/circular emailing.
      c) We add Personal Email Account(s) our gmail IMAP account details.
      AND we select both the "Monitored Folders" we require (optionally, including the Sent folder),
      AND we select the Store Sent Emails checkbox (to ascertain EspoCRM-sent messages are also showing inside Gmail.

      This way, inside EspoCRM, we can see...
      ...all relevant INBOX emails
      ...all relevant SENT emails (whether sent from gmail, or sent from EspoCRM)

      *** Is my understanding correct, Yuri?

      Thanks :-)



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        Hi Hans,

        All seem to be correct. You need to have cron configured to have this working.
        b) intead of mailchimp you also can use out-of-the-box Campaign feature.


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          Originally posted by yurikuzn View Post

          No. But you can store your emails on IMAP. There is an option at Personal Email Account.
          Ok, thanks for your feedback


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            Hello Yuri, and 'wtconseil', configuring and test driving everything. A few email related questions.

            SCENARIO: We have EspoCRM running on our own server, with IMAP coupling to Gmail

            IMAP and local storage
            The behavior I observe is that IMAP literally pulls the emails from the selected email boxes on gmail and stores them locally on our server.
            On our gmail I store pretty much every email received in Archive.
            BUT on our own server where EspoCRM runs, I only want to keep the emails relevant to our Accounts (=Clients/Relations).
            I notice that when I clean up Gmail, and Archive emails, those emails (no longer in gmail INBOX) still show on our EspoCRM.
            *** QUESTIONS
            a) Why do they keep on showing? because EspoCRM indeed downloaded them onto our server EspoCRM inbox?
            b) I can safely delete emails I don't want on our EspoCRM server, without affecting their status/existence inside our gmail Archive?

            Email Campaigns
            To comply with law, do emails sent out by the campaigns feature of EspoCRM carry an Opt Out feature? (= a link to unsubscribe)? or should I set up something to manually collect Opt Out requests and process them?

            Looking forward to your input.

            Thanks so much! Very happy so far!



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              Hi Hans,

              a) Yes. Email are fetched, stored in EspoCRM and not being synced with IMAP.
              b) Yes. You can remove email from EspoCRM.

              Mass Email in EspoCRM automatically inserts unsubscribe link if you haven't inserted it into your Email Template.


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                Hi Yuri,

                Thanks so much for clarifying this. In my familiarization and configuring our installed (on our own server) espoCRM--equipped with the Advanced Pack--, I am experiencing the following...

                One of the things we really need, is the ability to send our mass (or circular) emails, with {personalized} fields. We much prefer not to use mailchimp for that, but rather our own server-installed espoCRM's mass mailing feature (which I understand exists).


                a) With the proper User permissions set (I believe), and even as Super Admin with full permissions, I am unable to properly create target lists for mass mailing.
                I can Create the list, but...
                I do not know how to add contacts to the list. Obviously when you deal with a certain campaign of -- say -- in our case around 50 emails (most are less, but our biggest one is around that number), you do not want to have to manually add those. Rather, you want to be able to e.g. Select an Account, or a set of Leads and have all associated Contacts become part of the list. I cannot get that to happen.

                b) In my attempts I would end up with e.g. several Accounts selected for the target list, but if I want to change my mind and select another Account, then I cannot remove (option is not there), or unlink, or opt-out. The Account name, once selected, remains showing no matter what I do.

                I will email you our SuperAdmin access at *******

                Hope you can check it out. If you believe this is not a software bug on espoCRM but rather something to do with us, we can discuss a for-pay fix of it.

                Hope you can help, Yuri, as I really start to like espoCRM. But... we need that mass mailing working.

                Awaiting your wisdom, with warm regards,

                Last edited by yuri; 09-09-2016, 07:18 AM.


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                  You can select all result when you add targets to target list. Or you can use List Report to sync target lists with report result. There is information about that in documentation.

                  It's bad that you exposed my email address here. Please try to find solutions for such simple issues by yourself before asking on forum. I'm usually very busy and don't have enough time to provide support.
                  Last edited by yuri; 09-09-2016, 12:02 PM.