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    i seem to be having some trouble with importing records above 150,000.

    during the import process the file uploads successfully then says importing. It runs for about a min in the espocrm then error 502.
    looking into mysql server the import is running even after the web interface says error. espocrm updates and/or makes about 8,000 to 28,000 records then stops.

    when i was running sugarcrm on this same server i was able to import 500,000+ records no problem ( except for the massive import time )

    Any help
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    Does php timeout occur? In EspoCRM duplicate checking can take some time. You can increase timeout. In future we are going to implement an ability to run import in idle so it server timeout won't affect anymore.
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      Thank you Yuri i will look into the timeout and post a reply.

      Also i love the idle idea