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  • How do we do this?

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ID:	108311 Information entered from another site in this area on the customer creation screen will be automatically assigned here and the customer will be registered. How do we do this?​

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    Please clarify which "another site" you are talking about: the Portal from your instance or the site on which the lead capture form should be placed?
    And what exactly do you mean by the phrase "customer will be registered". What kind of registration are we talking about? Describe your request in more detail.​


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      also please try to set a subject, which explains a bit , what is your concern. It is easier in the list of threads to identify without opening the thread.


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        I already have a website. We create customers through this site. How will I integrate the information entered here with the espocrm client?

        The relevant areas are shown in the additional image.


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          If you want to retrieve data from other sites you have to use the webservice API


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            Like abidoss said, you must learn and implement API. There is also webhooking as well.

            Unfortunately there is no out of the box or forum tutorial you can find. You have to pay someone or do it yourself.