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Cloning entity Opportunity to new one

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  • Cloning entity Opportunity to new one

    Hello community. I am pretty new in Espo CRM, but i like it so much!

    I found similar topics and tutorials related to this but looks like all of these solutions are outdated.. Would be great if someone can help me and also to others interested..

    As title says i want to clone Opportunity to new one entity etc called ( Production ) which will share whole functionality of Opportunity.

    Description of my requierements:

    I have 5 phases in Opportunity and i would like to create clone of Opportunity where will be automatically ( in worse case also manually from admin panel ) added only all records which are already in Opportunity Phase 4.
    So my new entity ( Production ) get all records from Opportunity Phase 4 and they will be added to Production Phase 1.
    Then i create more unique phases for entity Production, add new fields and will be able to move to next Phase and display different info in Kanban etc.
    Is something like this possible? Or what is the best way how to solve this need please?

    Thanks a lot!

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    If you not familiar with php use AdvancedPack
    Define workflow or business process trigerred with three paramaters:
    status field changed
    status field = Phase 4
    and then create record with all desired fields and values

    If you familiar with php you can define hook and create all the steps in it.


    • fenolghi
      fenolghi commented
      Editing a comment
      Hello thank you, i am pretty familiar with PHP i just do not know EspoCRM well and many tutorials what i found is just outdated.. Going to check how hooks works, thanks for your help, please if there is any tutorial or documentation, be so kind and pin it to me, i am glad for everything what can help me..

      Found this: